Playgroup and Nursery

Our playgroup gives children an opportunity to:

Have fun
Make new friends
Develop new skills through informal play
The vision of our playgroup is fun, entertainment with full care, safe and loving environment under supervision of mentors.


Nursery, unlike playgroup, encourages and supervises educational play rather than simply child care under the able guidance of our qualified teachers. Our concentration is completely on education with fun and play. So, when the child enters a school he will be well equipped with the necessary knowledge.

Kids Play we teach

Play, learn and enjoy moment that's what Edu kids aim for. We believe in activating the child's imagination by giving them the opportunities to grow and develop their reading, writing, listening and playing skills.

Child's 2nd home

Comfort, care, nurture, love, warmth, learning and emotion are all attached with the home. This is the first time your child will be stepping out of the home and from the shelter of your love and care. So, it is very important to make the child feel at home. We, ensure that your child experience home at edukids.

Natural learning development

Foundation of allround development is laid down during this age. Child personality = IQ+EQ

We believe not only in developing your child’s IQ (Intellectual quotient) but also his EQ (Emotional quotient) which means our target is overall enhancement of child.

We at edukids have taken a special care of the environment in which child will be putting his 1st step towards life. Our emphasis is always on child’s comfort.

It displays

Fun Books and puppets Non toxic toys Colourful and creative playrooms
Affectionate and well trained teachers Non competitive environment

Course Age Group Duration
  Pre Play Group 1 yr to 1 ½ yrs 6 months
  Play Group 1 ½ to 2 ½ yrs 1 Year
  Pre Nursery 2 yr to 2 ½ yrs 6 months
  Nursery 2 ½ to 3 ½ yrs 1Year
  Phonics Jr. K.G. & Sr. K.G. 1Year
  Grammar 1st to 4th Std. 1Year
  E-maths Jr. K.G. to 4th Std. 1Year