Edu Kids

Edukids, was founded in the year 2003 by Mrs. Jigna Khuthia, with the prime motto of the institution being to impart knowledge to tiny tots and make them strong for their further studies. Founder of Edukids is qualified with a Diploma in ECCEd. She has 22 years of teaching experience. She has founded nursery for NGO in year of 1993, designed complete course, procurement of appropriate toys according to course, worksheet designs and even finalising table and chair also.

Edukids has a panel of well trained and qualified teachers to pay personal attention towards each student in each of the branches. Edukids maintain a specific student capacity per class so that none of the students are left behind due to lack of personal attention. We only take 10 entries per batch and immediately close down the admissions after the batch is full.

Our method of teaching is very unique from the others as we do not believe in teaching as regular teachers.
We rather be their friends so as to see that every student enjoys coming to Edukids where learning is completely fun. Students are provided with a worksheet on every topic for their internal assessment. We pay extra attention towards slow learners and call them for extra classes during our free span of time to make them cope up with the rest of the class. We also compensate for the classes cancelled because of us. A record of each student is also maintained on regular basis to note down their progress. Two term assessments are also conducted to assess the students on whatever has been taught.

Teaching method is followed by play way method, audio visuals, use of teaching aids and friendly approach to make kids feel homely. Our panel of teachers are selected not only base of qualification but they should have passion for teaching and patience for understanding children.