1. Which class onwards E-maths starts ?
A E-maths Training starts from Jr Kg (i.e. Lower Kg or first year after Montessori) upto 2nd Std.
2. Which Syllabus does E-maths covers?
E-Maths is designed such a way that it covers all syllabuses (SSC, CBSE, ICSE, and International) and is mapped for each age/class to create strong base of maths with love for it.
3. Is E-Maths a new approach to learn math?
Yes, definitely E-Maths is new approach, where math is taught with the help of aids which helps to create liking for numbers and shapes, in turn helping child to create stronger base for future. Its Activity and Worksheet based program where child can apply his own learning style, this helps child to develop learning skill and can apply own intelligence with new concepts of E-maths.
4. What is the difference between E-maths and other teaching mathematics method?
E-maths program is designed in such a manner where child love doing math by play-way method. This E-maths program encourages students to think on their own and it develops confidence in child to solve problems without any help. E-maths has creative kit with activity based worksheets which develops creative skill, liking for math with good mathematical skills.
5. Does E-maths develop mathematical skills which help them in higher standards?
Normally based on research it is found that, child who is good in mathematics till class V suddenly finds difficult from Class VI and more difficult in class IX. This is due to introduction of Algebra and Geometry. During early years of learning math, if child develops love for numbers, shapes and creates own creative thinking to solve problem, then this liking helps of numbers helps in algebra, shapes helps in geometry and self solving skills helps in higher standards (e.g. calculus/logs).

Learning only with numbers, creates mental block due to compulsory learning of tables and struggling with large digit numbers. But E-maths makes this process where learning becomes fun and child starts loving this subject. Once this job is done, child will never lose interest and love for math, thus resulting better in higher standards.

Every child can become genius in any subject, just passion for that subject need to ignite.
E-maths learning method does this job for every child and we are sure for success.